Sunday, January 13, 2013

Snow White and the hunter

The DVD box set of Snow White and the hunter maybe knew by lots of people for a long time ago. There is a difference between the old one. The new film would described the hunter and princess were on the way
with escape. But considering the prince appearing, there is no love between hunter and princess and their relationship were more similar to the master and disciple.
Snow White princess and the hunter had done a disruptive creation for Widespread fairy tales. The film unique tale told us a story that fallen girl had fierce duel with evil in the fairy tale. The princess had been taught “Forest survival skills” and learned to fight for herself. The story had started in the traditional way of fairy tales. The Evil queen let the hunter to kill the most beautiful people in the world- Snow White. When hunter fought himself cheated by queen, he decided to escaped into the dark forest with Snow White. The killer sent by queen had began to look for them and the hunter had taught princess how to protect herself. They went through forest and met a group of dwarves. The hunter was the protector of princess and was even more her tutor. He helped princess to become stronger on Physical and psychological and be ready for fate. This story had created the legend of heroes in the world of darkness.

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