Monday, January 28, 2013

Jean-Luc Godard and friends

The symbol of the sixties movie is a blast in the nose of consumer culture is life itself. Jean and Paul to play on a pair of very greedy and corrupt bourgeois, who falls to the floor for an epic jam in the war zone of real cars on fire and mutilated bodies – the perfect place for their wild ways. Their journey takes them through a series of surrealist artists and lost souls (such as Jean-Pierre Saint-Just, and a man in a phone booth lover singing excuses) before the revolutionary group cannibals.
Godard apocalyptic farewell consumer society is a satire, in which everyone is sporty and black humor and has a bitter taste of Halle. “The end of the film. Film final.”
DVD box set was in New York before, but bad news publication wizard Criterion DVD box set and Blu-Ray camera scanning the original 2k digital. Additions will be organized “cycles per second” is a large video test 24 minutes Kent Jones, “Weekend” in place and culture of the time, and his career Godard. It also includes interviews with the actors file, Jean, operator Paul and assistant director Claude Miller, and an extract of the 1967 episodes of the French TV documentary “Young Ae million” with images of Godard on the set of “output “and a booklet with the new essayist and critic Gary Indiana and file notes and interviews on tape.

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