Monday, November 19, 2012

Recycled Batteries

Three Brazilian students have a way to do this is to use the color pigmentation in ceramics, found that the battery.

In church today, we need a good deal for our computer batteries. If we reject, good for the landfill, where their toxic chemicals contaminate water and soil,

and recycle, reuse of components. At here to help recycling services, environmental protection, but these guys take it to a new level of creativity.

Camila Silva Alan Julian and Deborah are Asbahr Limeira, Brazil's responsibility. Find a way to make good use of recycled batteries,

residing in the state of São Paulo, where they are used 192 million batteries per year processed only a fraction of them. But the batteries are divided into

components, cardboard, plastic, steel, and graphite, each of which can be done using existing infrastructure.

Zinc, manganese and iron, can, with the electrolyte which is filtered off with nitric acid, neutralized, and then treated with a combination heated at 1000C

for 4 hours, the metal oxides are different. They then applied to the ceramic, which are also cooked and frozen. Oxides have more colors, rose from light to

dark brown. You will get closer to the ceramics industry, with this technology, and I hope that in the end, to reduce the amount of artificial pigment

created or mineral extraction and the number of batteries that do not reach the recycling centers.

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