Monday, November 19, 2012

DVD box set

The film, as in the wild - a real and disturbing film, beautiful had to take the time and effort, and is based on a true story - is the kind of movie you want to post on a great DVD box set package with additional collector majority will never reach . That's why I was very happy to learn that he published in a collector's edition with two discs.
Well, I'll save you the trouble. There are two discs, of course, but I have no idea why. There are three characteristics of the disc, only two cases are not taken into consideration the trailer (which is a good trailer, but fans must not be a particular feature at this stage should be automatically a part of each DVD edition).
Fortunately, two short films made here in the quality and content of what is lacking in quantity.
The first 20-minute documentary Into the Wild: The Story, the characters read the book when Sean Penn Into the Wild, Jon Krakauer, for the film.
Penn said about the book by its cover, judge (but in a good way), acquired, he took it home and read it from beginning to end of the night and spent the next 10 years to try, because the rights to make the film . Obviously, he did, and the rest is history.
Krakauer also look at how the story came to him, and how he finally belongs to Chris McCandless (the main character of the book and the movie), and he had to tell his story and explain how.
Doctor about all characters in the film are told to explain all the way to the lowest player "and how each actor was chosen for the role. Majority fees discovers that Brian Dierker, Rainey worked on the film, not an actor. This was a role it does not break when she began acting and eventually throwing coach Emile Hirsch kayak. fact. If you run a search on IMDb Dierker, see his credits include the loan in place, and the "flow units" Wild River and coordinator of post-production movie about the Grand Canyon.
In other words, the most interesting stories of the normal distribution "He applied, and then he could not see anyone in the role of" (although there are some who are owners, Emile Hirsch). For example, Penn was the type of cable in jail for the night in the concert film. Toto, I have a feeling we're not in Hollywood.
Another short film, Into the Wild: The Experience documentary of 17 minutes ... Thus, the experience in the production of the film. As this moment in the film (and why you should be careful if you do not like?) You see him. What do you want more
You can find very interesting things like "Magic Bus" scenes were shot (Penn decided to create an exact copy of the caravan, and the reality did not live Chris, out of respect for his family) on weight loss, Emil (was 156,115 in eight months) used in the production of real almost every scene (in contrast to many films, add background sounds of the new lines include a large number of actors in post-production), and the exact location is actually played when Chris used whenever possible.
This documentary takes you to the center of the actual experience of the film was shot, but did not respond at all, I would like to make it more complete. In essence, this is the DVD is not bad, is an audio commentary with the filmmakers, who are usually at the end of all the memories of the film crew, and for them. These documents are, for the most part, serve to remind us that the views are so popular DVD extras.
One of the main criticisms of the film and the book, before the fame, Chris McCandless. And people who feel just hate these movies. Sure, you'll end McCandless heroic. Talk about movie was amazing, and although we certainly had some wonderful qualities, it is difficult even for an amateur is a celebration of those who agree that most errors. Let confused about Alaska, which eventually killed him for many years, until his sister called to say where, why and how long it will disappear. She says she understands, but it is difficult to understand why, with whom he loved so much he had to do.
This is a great movie and worth it for anyone who is a fan of history, but do not be fooled by the two-disc edition, with its scant three "Collectors Edition" high titer. No longer a DVD box set with just a few documents, and you should not pay for the second disc

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