Monday, December 10, 2012

Bike battery

If your bike is equipped with a 12 volt sealed lead acid battery, just get the 12 volt battery. Be careful. Compounds that do not touch the terminals or something besides the battery terminals or the reasons for two cars to touch today! Metal contact can be a point of contact and can ignite the fuel in the tanks! Turn off unnecessary lighting and accessories, and if your bike is equipped with a radio, turn off the power, surges can be deleted or corrupted memory circuits. Connect the two batteries in parallel, positive and negative to positive to negative. Set a positive buy AGM battery first, plug the battery in good condition, then connect the negative cable to the negative pole of the battery is good, the last part should not be connected to the negative terminal of the battery, but the weight of the engine, or fame died on bicycle battery or vent pipe to minimize the possibility of an explosion. Do not use the Chrome or painted parts of the earth, because they have changed color. Once the bike started, it should be the exact opposite of the entrance to the court order. The exact procedure is the same as for cars.
Once the bike is working need to run, the owner of the camera remains unused for a long period under the misconception that this means that the battery is fully back. Unfortunately, in addition to damage to the engine, which are formed when the unit is not cooling the air and thus overheating or the accelerator is washed, so that the mixture is too rich lubricant creates a drum mural decoration and exceptional piston rings, cylinders or generator is not much to charge the battery until the motor speed is much higher than the minimum energy balance is called more than necessary, the lights are underway and the ignition system. Even the use of routine travel less than 20 miles, or 15 as a rule are not sufficient to compensate for losses and begin self-discharge of the SLA battery. Extensive testing and load should always be your first reaction when you need a good start if you want to avoid a repeat.

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